Zerwell Energy:  An Energy Consulting Company

Served in U.S. Navy 2-64 to 11-67 as a 2nd class
petty officer in charge of complete Boiler room
and auxiliaries and 10-12 personnel.
Served on a Repair and an Ammunition Ship in the
Vietnam War arena.

1-23-68 Hired on at Detroit Edison Company (DECO.) .
Attended a 3-month operators training school at
Delray Power Plant, in Delray, Mi.

5-68 to 8-7
1  Pennsalt Power Plant:  250 MW coal fired
plant, Position - Industrial Operator 2.
Qualified: water treatment operator on lime-soda,
ferric acid, alumina and water polishing equipment;
Boiler and turbine auxiliary equipment operator.         

Monroe Power Plant                             8-71 Pos - Assistant Power Plant Operator
Located in Monroe, MI:                        8-72 Pos - Power Plant Operator
(Four 800 MW Super-                           Certified cation and anion demineralizer operator
Critical Boiler/Turbine                          Qualified wastewater treatment operator.
Units operating at 3600                        3-74 Pos - Supervising Control Room Operator
PSI. Coal Fired)

Fermi 2 Nuclear Power                         9-81 to 9-83 Pos - NSO- Certified Nuclear Senior Reactor
Plant. (1100 MW GE                                                    Operator.
Boiling Water Reactor)                                             Worked as Nuclear Supervising operator.

Monroe Power Plant:                             9-83 to 7-13-02 - Supervising Control Room Operator. (SO)

The SO position is responsible for: (click here)

I Retired from Detroit Edison on 7-13-02.

I Formed my own company, Zerwell Energy, Corp. a Michigan Corporation.
As President, I do energy consulting work. The company identifies, develops and
markets alternative sources of clean, renewable, electrical energy.

Before retiring I had the following qualifications/work experience: (Click here)

Membership in the following organizations:    (PM=Past member)

  • National Hydropower Association (Past member (PM))

  • American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE)  PM

  • American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

  • EPA certified Refrigeration Technician

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

  • Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

  • American Legion PM
  • Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) PM

  • Masonic order, through 32nd degree Knights Templar  
  • Monroe County, Michigan:  Chamber of Commerce and (Leadership Monroe Alumni, 08-09)
  • U.S. EPA Landfill Methane Outreach Program partner (LMOP) PM

  • American Tilapia Association PM

  • American Aquaculture Association PM

  • Aquaculture Engineers Society (AES) PM

  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certified inspector in aquaculture (March 2010)

  • World Aquaculture Society PM

  • Association of Energy Engineers PM

  • Enrolled in, and completed, several Web page design courses using CSS and XHTML

  • Accomplished web-master for three different web sites

  • American Nuclear Society (ANS) Involved in Thorium Reactor R&D

  • Thorium Energy Alliance


  • Energy research on exotic and unique energy sources.
  • Designing, building and testing experimental “heat-pumps".
  • Golf
  • Aquaponic Gardening

Main Job interest:

Designing and building a Thorium power supply for small business facilities

More recent job experience:

Summer of 2009: Graduated from Nelson and Pade Inc's professional Aquaponics and Greenhouse
management program

Fall of 2009: Consulted at the 2200 MW Jim Bridger Fossil fueled power plant, in Wyoming, with DCS
"Ovation" control system, through the Per Se' group.

April, 2010:  Completed "Perch School"  at Ohio State University.

June 13-19, 2010 Attended The University of the Virgin Islands "International Aquaponics and Tilapia
Aquaculture course" on US St. Croix island.

Completed Cornell University's Aquaculture Course July 12-16, 2010 in Ithaca, New York.

Attended the Bi-annual Recirculating Aquaculture conference in Roan Oak VA. Aug 18-22, 2010.

Early December 2010 to end of January 2011 worked for Bechtel Corp as a shift startup engineer at
Prairie State Energy Campus in Marissa, IL. Including lock-out tag-out and plant operations,
through IMC jobs.

Spring of 2011: Graduated from Nelson and Pade Inc's professional Aquaponics and Greenhouse
management program a second time, to refine my aquaponics expertise

May, 2011 Began a research and development program on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)
technology.  My goal is to develop a low cost Nickel-Hydrogen (Ni-H) fueled energy source, for
commercial and domestic applications.

Fall of 2012 consulted on plant operations at Lansing Power Plant, Lansing Iowa. for the Per Se'

Summer, fall, 2014, undertook extensive training in Solar Photo-voltaics. Started a business
manufacturing Solar panel racking and trackers. Installed 12kw of solar panels, which supplies
enough power, coupled with my closed-loop geo-thermal heat pump system, to reduce my all
electric home's annual electric bill to zero. See:
Starlight Power.net

Spring of 2015 Undertook research on Electromagnetic Induction heating to make steam for a 3 HP
steam engine. In progress.

Spring of 2018 started research on Microwave cavity magnetron's for production of steam. In

Spring 2019: Bottom line of all the years of research is to develop a room Heater capable of
furnishing large amounts of BTUs for home and Greenhouse heating.

Fall 2020: Settled on Modifying a Freon Heat pump to increase efficiency.

More Information furnished on request.

Charles D. Bagwell
Erie, MI 48133-9797